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    Colored Sands Rainbow Beach

  • Carah Classic

    Carah Classic

    Inskip Peninsula

    Min 2 $99.00 p/p
    Flight Duration approx. 10min

    Experience the spectacular views of Fraser Island and Inskip Peninsula. From above you will be amazed at the different sea scapes on each side of Inskip Point. On the north side of Inskip you will see the fast flowing channel between the two land masses, plus the turbulent water where the channel meets the ocean, locals call this the washing machine! To the south you will see calm, tidal, still water in the Tin Can Bay Inlet, which is a popular sailing destination. Only by air can you appreciate the natural beachside bushland of Inskip Peninsula and its proximity to Fraser Island.

  • Carlow Crush

    Carlow Crush

    Rainbow Beach – Inskip Peninsula

    Min 2 $149.00 p/p
    Flight Duration approx.: 15min

    Fly over one of Australia’s best beaches while viewing the spectacular coastal cliff formation to Double Island Point. Flying over the town of Rainbow Beach you will be amazed by the coastline and awe inspiring Coloured Sands which Rainbow Beach was named after. You will also see Carlo Sand Blow, a distinctive ‘moonscape sand mass covering 1.5 hectares. Carlo Sand Blow was formed over 50 000 years ago when a lightning strike caused a fire that cleared the vegetation. The sand is blown by winds up the east coast of Australia from as far away as the Blue Mountains behind Sydney. The flight will then turn west towards Tin Can Bay and fly over the pristine waterways of the Great Sandy Straits

  • Mudcrab Madness

    Mudcrab Madness

    Inskip Peninsula – Rainbow Beach – Tin Can Bay

    Min 2 $199.00 p/p
    Flight Duration approx. 20 min

    View the magnificent Rainbow Beach from an eagle’s perspective while taking in the breathtaking coastline and South Pacific Ocean. Admire Rainbow Beach’s famous Coloured Sands and the unique Carlo Sand Blow. Only by air can you appreciate the waterways and wetlands of Tin Can Bay and experience the spectacular view of the coastline from Noosa to Fraser Island. Whether you are visiting for the first time or holiday here frequently, you will appreciate the natural beauty this coastline has to offer even more after this experience.

  • Double Island Point

    Double Island Point

    Double Island & Coloured Sands

    Min 2 $299.00 p/p
    Flight Duration approx 30min

    Our most requested charter. Double Island Point is the most scenic Headland on the East Coast. You will be in awe of the spectacular views of the Rainbow Beach coastline including Carlo Sand Blow, the famous Coloured Sands and Double Island Point. Only by air can you appreciate the sheer beauty of the Headland and pristine waterways and wetlands that stretch up past Fraser Island. This flight also includes Inskip Point, the Southern access to Fraser Island and if you look carefully you may even see a Dugong casually grazing in its abundant paddock of seagrass!

  • The Sandy Straits

    The Sandy Straits

    Poona Tuan Boonooroo & Maroom

    Min 2 $299 p/p
    Flight Duration approx 30mins

    An awesome flight covering the towns along the Mainland side of the Great Sandy Straits. Poona, Tuan, Boonooroo Maroom and then crossing to the Western side of Fraser Island for the return trip. Dugong & Turtle country with an abundance of sea life on display.

  • McKenzie Magic

    McKenzie Magic

    Eurong, Lake McKenzie & Kingfisher Bay

    Min 2 $375 p/p
    Flight Duration approx 45mins

    Your charter will take you up the eastern beach to Eurong Resort where we will cross over to the Western side of Fraser Island over head Lake McKenzie and home via Kingfisher Bay Resort. A wonderful charter taking in both sides of Fraser Island.

  • Champagne Pools Fraser Island

    Champagne Pools Fraser Island

    Drinks at the Famous Driftwood Bar Orchid Beach

    Min 2 $599 p/p
    Flight duration approx 1hr15mins + Stopover

    This is a stopover flight. Landing at Orchid Beach for refreshments your top of the Island flight covers everything. The eastern beach including Indian Head & Champagne Pools stopping at Orchid Beach for approx 45 mins and then tracking home via Wathumba, Moon Point and the Western coastline of Fraser Island. Total minimum time exceeds 2 hours +

  • Tin Can Bay Delight

    Tin Can Bay Delight

    Your Secret Fishing Spot.

    Min 2 $99 p/p
    Flight duration 10mins

    If you love your fishing & crabbing this is a great little flight to check out the waterways and fishing holes like Searys Ledge & Alligator Creek. Very scenic with Blue water to the Door step of Tin Can Bay.